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Guidelines for Sending Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards

Sending a business card to people that are close and important to your organization is a good way to build your brand. Nowadays, many organizations use this strategy to attract and retain their customers while spreading the holiday cheer. With holiday cards, you can say happy holidays to the most important people in your organization while thanking them for their efforts. However, not all holiday cards will send an appropriate message about your business and it is therefore important that you take keen consideration when selecting the cards.

If you want to purchase standard business holiday cards, consider buying from a supplier who specifically deals in corporate holiday cards. When you buy from a supplier, you will have many options to select from and you even get great deals through discounts. There are many stores that sell holiday cards, however, most of the cards have messages that are unprofessional.

Instead of a holiday card, you can decide to use a calendar to get your message across. Be creative with the calendars design by using different themes and colors in different months.
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Use little pieces of art that are appealing to ensure that the calendar is retained even after the holidays are over. You can also leave ample space for the company logos which should be accurate in color and a good size. Also, leave some space for you to write a personal message that will bring warmth to the hearts of the employees, clients, business partners as well as suppliers and their families.
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Also, ensure that the corporate business card has good quality and great design in order to capture the mind of prospective customers. Ensure that the material used is durable, and the design is above reproach. Another choice you can make is to personalize the holiday greeting cards to help spread the warmth and holiday cheer. Make special arrangements for the name of the company’s as well as the logo and your personal message appear on the card.

If the list of cards is not much, take a chance to personalize each card with your signature. If the list is huge, you can choose to print the signature on each card. It is important to remember not to be holiday specific because not all of your customers or employees celebrate the same holiday. Alternatively, you can include a message showing that the card is not tradition or religion-themed. Also stick to cards that give a happy signal to those that come with humor.

It is vital that the holiday card is delivered at the right moment.